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Works In Progress

I haven’t been doing a lot of knitting lately. Life has been happening around here, the nerve! Some knitting stuff did happen though, I finished the Monkey socks by Cookie A!! More on that later. I am still working on Ravine but not as often as I should be. I think it’s partly because I’m … Continue reading

Neptune high socks

These socks were supposed to be a Christmas present for Sarah last year. I didn’t get them done in time and we didn’t even exchange gifts until the middle of February. I completely underestimated the time it would take to make these beauties. Sarah is enviously tall. I shop in the “short” sizes for pants … Continue reading

Stay Tuned

So much has been going on in our lives recently. We moved from Massachusetts to North Carolina in April. So there was the chaos of packing and unpacking. All three of my kids had birthdays, so they are now 6, 3, and 16 months. Caleb was in school and we got into a nice routine … Continue reading


I recently visited Charlotte NC because we are moving there in the very near future. My husband has taken a position in Charlotte and we will be relocating as soon as the house is sold. As part of the big sell to take this job, my husband informed me of the many LYS in the … Continue reading

Knitting Blues

I’m in no man’s land right now. I’ve cast on for a new project, a pair of socks for Sarah (I had to get her measurements so she knows they are coming at some point). I was making something else but had a rather large problem with sizing. I decided to branch out into color … Continue reading

Making Good

So I’m making good on at least one of my resolutions. I’ve been swatching. I have two sweaters I want to work on and I am determined for them to work out well. The first swatching I did was for Ravine by Glenna C. I’m using part of the surprise stash addition sent from hubby. … Continue reading

Recycled Yarn

I have been following the people over at WEBS for their 31 days to get organized. I skipped the first couple of steps (ok all of them), and have just been reading about what they are doing with their stashes while I let mine rest in hiding. Honestly, my stash isn’t out of control, I … Continue reading

Knitterly Resolutions

I’ve been knitting for about 5 years now and have had varying degrees of success with the things I’ve knitted. Hats and socks have pretty much gone well. Sweaters have been about 50/50 and I really haven’t expanded to some of the more difficult aspects of knitting. I am going to challenge myself this year. … Continue reading

Some Finished Objects

I do have some FO’s to show, despite my many WIPs. Caleb needed a hat for recess since it’s been so freaking cold and I really wanted to find one that had ear flaps. I took advantage of a promotion KnitPicks was having where they let you try a skein of their new bulky weight … Continue reading


Look at what my super thoughtful husband did. It’s been especially trying times around here and to show his appreciation or bribe me into staying married to him (either reason is ok with me) he went to one of my favorite websites and ordered me some stuff off my wish list! It arrived today and … Continue reading