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Finished Object-Monkey Socks

These socks were a lot of fun to knit. The yarn was a dream to knit with, Madeline Tosh Sock in the Black Velvet colorway. The pattern was really interesting but easy enough to memorize after finishing one repeat of the pattern. So yeah that’s it right?   WRONG! Can anyone tell me what’s wrong … Continue reading

Camille’s dress

This is my daughter, Camille.  Anyone who knows me knows that I was scared to death to have a daughter, mostly because I was afraid she’d be like me.  I’m not saying I don’t like myself, I do.  However, would I have wanted to be a parent to me? NOT AT ALL!!  Let’s just say … Continue reading

Finished Object-Honeycowl

A long long while back my friend Sarah had a very stress-filled life. She found that her usual methods of busting stress were not working and she was grasping for anything that could help. The truth is everyone’s life is stressful in someway or another and we all have our ways of dealing with it. … Continue reading

Finished Object-Chevron Baby Blanket

Some months ago one of my friends mentioned that some of her friends would be expecting a baby in the fall. She was very excited about this baby and even though I haven’t met these friends of hers I really wanted to make them a baby blanket. There’s something about knowing a baby is on … Continue reading