Camille’s dress

This is my daughter, Camille.  Anyone who knows me knows that I was scared to death to have a daughter, mostly because I was afraid she’d be like me.  I’m not saying I don’t like myself, I do.  However, would I have wanted to be a parent to me? NOT AT ALL!!  Let’s just say I was a willful child and leave it at that.  How my parents got through the years without sending me to boot camp I don’t think I’ll ever really know.


Camille is a strong, fiercely independent, hilarious, ridiculously smart girl.  She knows what she wants and that’s pretty much that.  She doesn’t let her brothers (older or younger) push her around.  She stands up for herself and for her brothers.  She can charm anything out of Daddy and discipline is hard when looking at that face.  I wouldn’t trade her for anything.

The worst part about having a daughter is clothes shopping.  I don’t like pink.  I don’t like what pink has come to stand for in our society when it comes it little girls and I subtly (or not so subtly) try to keep her environment pink free.  I am very particular about the clothes she wears and try really hard to avoid pinks. This can be  difficult because there are so many cute outfits for girls and a LOT of them are pinks.  I didn’t really go overboard with finding her clothes.  She wears a lot of cute things, but most of the time they were gifts from someone else.  (Thank goodness for Auntie’s and Grandparents).  I think the reason I don’t enjoy shopping for her is because there’s so much to choose from.  The sheer volume of girls clothing is insane.  I try to pick things that aren’t pink and are age appropriate.  That’s not easy to do.  Honestly, I get overwhelmed sometimes.  (Why is the girls dept so much bigger than the boys?)

I’d rather look at knitting patterns for her than do any real shopping.  (It’s not my fault there’s so much cuteness in the knitting world!)  When I saw this pattern in the 2011 Spring/Summer issue of Debbie Bliss magazine, I instantly wanted to make it for her. One of her favorite colors is purple.  You can ask her, I swear she does.  She’s always been drawn to purple.  I knew that I would try to find a purple combination for this dress instead of the dark and lighter pink.  She was only 1ish at the time so I wasn’t too fussed about making it right away.


My mom took me to WEBS for my birthday and we did some shopping and I as I was looking through their stock of Debbie Bliss Baby Cashmerino I was shocked to find myself gravitating towards the pink for the flower and trim.  I was thinking of a purple and a light lavender combination but the lightest purple they had didn’t have enough pop.  So I bought the pink.  My husband was more than surprised to see what I came home with.  But I think it works really well.

I found this to be a super fast knit.  Mostly because it’s kid’s sized and starts wide and gets smaller every other row.  I like how the decreases form an underlying design.  The flower was hard to do because it was intarsia and I haven’t done enough of it to be very good at it.  The edges of the flower came out ok but the center is very puckered.  I like the design of it but maybe another flower on the back would look nice too?  Speaking of the back, there are supposed to be buttons but she really doesn’t need them and it saves me having to sew them on.


I love this yarn, it is super super soft and it blocked really nicely too.  Hopefully she’ll be able to wear it for awhile.  Maybe she needs a nice little bolero to go with it?  I find that I am much more into knitting for her than shopping for her.  She has quite a few knit things, more than her brothers that’s for sure.  Whenever I am working on something she always asks if it’s for her, and she gets so excited when it is.  She’s expressed an interest in learning how to knit and even knit a few stitches of this dress herself.  It makes me happier than I thought it would to be able to share these things with her.  Yes, I can show my boys how to knit, and I do hope they want to learn some day too but Camille genuinely likes it.  When I finished this dress and showed it to my oldest son he said, “Oh, nice.”  When I showed it to Camille she said “It’s so beautiful!”  I mean come on.


Pattern: #25 Floral Dress

Yarn: Debbie Bliss Baby Cashmerino in colorways 548 (pink) and 010 (Lilac)

Mods: None!

Thoughts: Enjoyable knit, and I love the finished project.  She loves to wear it and looks great in it!


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