Finished Object-Chevron Baby Blanket

Some months ago one of my friends mentioned that some of her friends would be expecting a baby in the fall. She was very excited about this baby and even though I haven’t met these friends of hers I really wanted to make them a baby blanket. There’s something about knowing a baby is on the way that makes you want to knit something to wrap them in love. I can’t be the only one who feels this way right?

That being said, knitting for others takes some capital. I didn’t want to mention the proposed baby blanket until I knew I could do it. I have stash yarn but none of the patterns I found were really right. I found a beautiful pattern for a chevron baby blanket but I wasn’t sure if I should do something more specific to the tastes of the parents. I conferred with my friend and she said they didn’t have any fandom type things in mind but that the theme of the shower was…chevrons. It seems like a sign right? I was so excited to show her the pattern and was even more excited when I found some very reasonably priced yarn to go with it.

The parents decided that they wanted to wait to find out the sex of the baby. So we spent some time talking about the color scheme and what would work best for the parents and baby. What we came up with was just beautiful.


The yarn is Knit Picks Dishie in colorways Jalapeno, Swan, Creme Brulee,  Honeydew and Silver. I was concerned that this yarn wouldn’t be soft enough for a baby blanket but it’s just beautiful. It’s sturdy and strong but not harsh. The stitch definition is fantastic and the chevron’s look really wonderful. The only things I would do differently are: 1) make it slightly wider and 2) probably to not go with the Jalapeno at the top and bottom. Maybe a purple, red, or blue? That green seems a little dark and I would have liked a bit more of a pop of color but I’m very happy with how it came out. I hope the parents like it too.


I have three more blankets to make in the upcoming months and this might just be my go to blanket for babies. I think knowing the sex and if the parents are averse to certain colors would probably be helpful but not necessary.

Also, doing this project made my friend want a grown-up version for herself. More on that later!

Pattern: Chevron Baby Blanket by Espace Tricot.  You can find it on Ravelry here.

Mods: I did an extra set of stripes because I didn’t think it was long enough when I put it in my baby’s crib.

Thoughts:  I think it could stand to be a little bit wider but I wasn’t sure how this would block so I left it like the pattern indicated.  Next time I’ll add in more stitches to make it wider.  I used 38 grams of the Jalapeno and 65 grams of the other four colors.


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