I recently visited Charlotte NC because we are moving there in the very near future. My husband has taken a position in Charlotte and we will be relocating as soon as the house is sold. As part of the big sell to take this job, my husband informed me of the many LYS in the Charlotte area. I knew that we would be visiting the area while our son was on school vacation so the only request I had was that we visit some of the shops. I visited and so did my bankcard.

The first shop we went to was called The Fibre Studio at Yarns to Dye For. It was a very nice shop where they have their own line of hand dyed wool in varying weights. I have been on a sock yarn bender lately. I have been reading about all kinds of different sock yarn and I want to try them all. Socks are a small project that don’t generally require many skeins of yarn and you can generally estimate the yardage needed with relative ease even without a pattern. (Most sock yarn skeins come in the appropriate yardage already so that’s easy too). I wanted to try some of their sock yarn and I found some really beautiful yarn in their shop.

Here is the superwash sock yarn in colorway Lentin Rose.  It is absolutely beautiful and super soft.


This is the superwash merino sock in colorway Nikko blue.  There was also some Dream in Color Smooshy that I really wanted to try but the only skein they had was in a colorway I didn’t really love.


The shop was cozy, there was a lot of things in there but not a lot of space, but that seems to be typical of yarn shops in general.  It’s hard to balance having stock of yarn and an open feel to the store because there’s so much to be included.  The next stop was Charlotte Yarn.  This place was also small and didn’t have a very large selection of sock yarn in the store, but I don’t know if that’s typical of the store or I just hit them at the wrong time.  They did have very nice stuff as well, and even though I didn’t find any sock yarn I liked I did find these beautiful skeins of Manos del Uruguay Silk Blend.  The shop owner suggested some fingerless mitts for these so that’s possible.


A few days later we were up in Huntersville looking around because we think that’s where we’d like to settle and we stopped in at Knit One Stitch Too.  This was a larger store but it wasn’t exclusive to just knitting or spinning, they had quite a bit of cross stitch items in the store.  I found the shop a little too disheveled for my tastes but they had some very nice things and I almost walked away with some alpaca until I saw this:


This is JaggerSpun Zephyr Wool Silk in Iris.  It’s so soft and beautiful and I’ve been wanting to knit this shawl but haven’t seen this yarn anywhere I’m used to buying yarn so it was only something to dream about until now.  I haven’t really done lace yet but now I can give it a proper try.  I really liked the yellow they show the shawl in but they didn’t have the colors in the store so I ended up with this.  Hopefully it turns out nice when I eventually knit it up.

The last stop on my solo yarn crawl was Yarn House Knits.  I don’t know if it’s good or bad that I didn’t go to this shop first.  They are in the process of moving so they were having a moving sale.  The space was small but very neatly organized and super easy to shop.  The walls were very thin and the clerk told me that was one of the reasons they were moving.  (I’m talking embarrassingly thin walls people).  I am not sure how I escaped with just the two different yarns I bought but I’m lucky I didn’t end up owing them my house.  The first yarn I picked up was Fez by Debbie Bliss, it was 75% off and I though with five balls I could definitely make something for my daughter out of it.


I’ve heard so many people talk about Noro that when I saw this in the store and then saw that it was 15% off it seemed like I had to buy it.  This is colorway S276, and even though they don’t look the same in the picture, they are the same dye lot.  I’d really like to make these Noro Stripy Socks.  There are some very cool color variations on ravelry, I particularly like the knee high ones.  I’ll have to figure out what I want to use for a contrasting stripe, a plain color or maybe a different colorway.  So many tough decisions, poor me 🙂


It looks like I have some knitting to do!






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