Knitting Blues

I’m in no man’s land right now. I’ve cast on for a new project, a pair of socks for Sarah (I had to get her measurements so she knows they are coming at some point). I was making something else but had a rather large problem with sizing. I decided to branch out into color work with a 2 color pair of mittens. Camilla by SpillyJane. I’d never really done color work like this before and it’s really really apparent in my knitting. The first pair flew off the needles, I was so excited. They were a little snug but I thought blocking would loosen it up some so I wasn’t too worried. I very quickly cast on the second pair and got to work. They knit up just as fast and I was getting more and more comfortable with holding the two colors in different hands so I was starting to relax and pick up speed.  I finished the second one and was going to start in on the thumb when I compared it to the completed one I had.


Dude, they are two different sizes!  Same yarn, same sized needles, same method of knitting (apparently that matters) and still:


They are two different sizes, noticeably different.  I think the second one I was more relaxed with my yarn and didn’t hold it as tightly as I did in the first mitten.  So you know what that means? I need to knit a third mitten if I want a matching pair.  Ugggghhhhh!!  So I put that in the bottom of my knitting bag to sit and think about what it’s done and moved on to a pair of socks.  I am currently in the land of endless ribbing.


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